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Energy optimization and behaviuor change into schools of central europe


The project is funded under the European Interreg Programme - CENTRAL EUROPE, that encourage  to make more competitive the area consists of regions of nine EU Member States of Central Europe: the all territory of Austria, Poland , Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, the eastern regions of Germany and the northern regions of Italy. 



The building sector has a high potential for energy optimisation. In terms of public buildings heritage, energy consumption in schools is the second highest expenditure of municipalities' total running costs. This sector offers potentially remarkable achievements in terms of energy efficiency and the application of renewable energy sources (RES) and carbon footprint reduction.

At the same time, disparities exist in central European regions regarding planning and implementing performances of proper sector-based strategies, action plans and managerial capacities. 

ENERGY@SCHOOL aims to increase the capacity of the public sector for implementing energy smart schools. The project will achieve this by applying an integrated approach that educates and trains schools staff and pupils to become Senior and Junior Energy Guardians (EGs).  Main outputs are:

  • n.1 Common/Transferrable and 8 customized Strategies for Smart Schools
  • 1 joint and 7 customized Energy Smart-school Management Plans
  • n. 3 smart phones APPs for EGs
  • n. 8 tested pilot solutions of EE&RES application in schools under direct contribution of EGs, in - the form of Guidelines, Toolbox, Best Practices as reference documents and experiences to capitalized far beyond project end.
  • 24 training & education programmes will be provided as adaptable & replicable models for capacity raising and Energy Culture rooting.



  1. Favour cultural change on energy matters 
  2. Boosting progressive change towards energy smart schools
  3. To streghten competences and skills in the field of energy saving 



July  2016 – June 2019



Unione dei Comune della Bassa Romagna is lead partner with the task of coordinating and follow the entire course of the project as leader.


  • Union of Municipalities of Bassa Romagna Region, Italy - Lead Partner
  • CertiMaC – Research Organism for Energy Efficiency in Building & Construction Sector, Italy
  • City of Bydgoszcz, Poland
  • Kssena-Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška And Koroška Region, Slovenia
  • City of Karlovac, Croatia
  • University of Bologna – Dept. of Industrial Chemistry, Italy
  • Municipality of the City Szolnok with County Rank, Hungary
  • Local Government of Town Újszilvás, Hungary
  • City of Stuttgart, Germany
  • City of Klagenfurt, Austria
  • Graz Energy Agency, Austria
  • City municipality of Celje, Slovenia



Number of institutions (schools) involved: 41

Number of trained persons: 246

Total project budget: € 2.581.379,75










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